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Nov 12Put God firstLyndon ShepherdMP3ZIP
Nov 05Hungering for righteousnessNorm WhiteMP3ZIP
Oct 22Don't be led astray (Colossians)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Oct 15 (pm)Healing Service (Malachi 4)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Oct 08Ephesians chapter 2 (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Oct 01Ephesians chapter 1James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Sep 24No longer slaves (*)Andrew GoelstMP3ZIP
Sep 17 (pm)The nature of God is to set people freeKevin DonohueMP3ZIP
Sep 10RelationshipsNoel EaglingMP3ZIP
Aug 20 (pm)The love of God brings new life (*)Kevin DonohueMP3ZIP
Aug 20 (am)Forgetting and remembering (“nostalgia will kill you”)John HannafordMP3ZIP
Aug 13Elisha’s miracles (2 Kings 4)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Aug 06Elijah – part 4 (Elijah, man of fire – 2 Kings 1 & 2) (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jul 30Elijah – part 3 (1 Kings 21)Christine CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jul 23Elijah – part 2 (Elijah in depression – 1 Kings 19)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jul 16 (pm)Jesus, the living wordKevin DonohueMP3ZIP
Jul 16 (am)Elijah – part 1 (1 Kings 17)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jul 09Book of Ruth 4 – Love’s reward (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jul 02Doorways in our livesMaureen ShepherdMP3ZIP
Jun 25The difference between facts and truthMark CrawfordMP3ZIP
Jun 18 (pm)Surrender to know the heart of GodKevin DonohueMP3ZIP
Jun 18 (am)Book of Ruth 3 – Love’s request (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jun 04Book of Ruth 2 – Love’s responses (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
May 28Book of Ruth: a gem in murky waters (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
May 21 (pm)Prov 29:18/Philippines reportKevin DonohueMP3ZIP
May 21 (am)BelongingSimone GriffithsMP3ZIP
May 21 (am)CommunionMurray GriffithsMP3ZIP
May 14Genesis 5 (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
May 07Verily, verilyChristine CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Apr 30Psalm 23Norm WhiteMP3ZIP
Apr 16 (pm)By His stripes we are healedKevin DonohueMP3ZIP
Apr 16 (am)The seven I AMs of JesusJames CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Apr 02Worship in spirit and in truthJames CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Mar 26Being called ChristiansChris WhitingMP3ZIP
Mar 19 (pm)Rejoicing in the abandonment of GodKevin DonohueMP3ZIP
Mar 19 (am)The wedding in CanaChristine CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Mar 12The seven witnesses in JohnJames CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Mar 05An introduction to the GospelsJames CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Feb 26Blessings for obedience – Deuteronomy 28:1~14 (*)Janis RobinsonMP3ZIP
Feb 19When did God create man?Vic HindsMP3ZIP
Feb 12Faithfulness of Daniel (*)James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Feb 05Three unstoppable entities (*)John HannafordMP3ZIP
Jan 29Why study the Old Testament?James CloudsdaleMP3ZIP
Jan 15The poor in spirit (Matthew 5, The Beatitudes)Norm WhiteMP3ZIP

(*) Note: the slideshow and/or images used in the message are included with both audio file and downloaded ZIP archive file

Please Note:

  • Cornerstone Family Church generally uses the New King James Bible. Most quotations used in these messages are from this translation.
  • Not all messages are available on-line.
  • Some of the sermons offered above may be edited or condensed for brevity, succinctness, continuity, flow, etc without altering the concept, hypothesis, and opinion presented by the sermon author.
  • Like all sermons, some of the concepts, ideas and Scriptural interpretations may not be original to the sermon author and may be sourced from many of the teaching works available. Speakers do not claim authorship of these concepts, ideas and Scriptural interpretations and, where possible, the original author has been acknowledged.
    If you believe your original works have not been fully acknowledged, please contact Cornerstone Family Church.



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