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Ps James Cloudsdale

Pastor James and Christine Cloudsdale
James Cloudsdale was born in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) to missionary parents in 1950 but after a few years returned with his family to Tasmania.

James did not come to a real faith in Christ until he was at university studying for teaching. Not long into his Uni course he met his lifelong mate, Christine. They raised three children and now have seven grandchildren.

During his Secondary teaching career, which spanned about 17 years, he was appointed to George Town, Tasmania and has been part of the town since 1980.

After teaching he retrained in laboratory work and worked at TEMCO (a BHP smelter for Ferro Manganese alloy production) for 12 years.

James and Christine were founding members of the Cornerstone Family Church which began in 1990. During this time he has been an elder in the church and became its pastor in 2008.

Cornerstone Family Church

Cornerstone Family Church was first established as a home fellowship group in 1989, by Max Triebe and James Cloudsdale. Church meetings began soon after at The Grove Restaurant on Sunday evenings. James Cloudsdale, as Senior Elder, had oversight from 1990 to 1992.

In 1992 Cliff and Audrey Roper became its first pastors, while Pastor John Hannaford was the apostolic oversight for the church. During those formative years Cornerstone received wonderful ministry support from Tamar Valley Christian Church, and continues to do so today.

The name for the church comes from 1 Peter 2:6-7, and readings from Isaiah 28:16 and Psalm 118:22.

The strongest growth occurred during the period 1993-1994. Youth and childrenís work began in this period and a weekly kidís club involving nearly everyone in the church group began at the memorial hall, ministering to most of the children in the town over a four-year period.

In 1994 the church was able to purchase the Gordon Square Kindergarten which became the hub for the group. Cliff and Audrey moved to Scottsdale to minister there, and Kevin Donohue was raised up as the new leader for the group and installed as pastor in 1996. Both Kevin and his wife Lyn served Cornerstone faithfully for 12 years.

During this time there was development of combined church services and community missions. Also a worship team was established (Worship Plus) which travelled and ministered in different venues. Home fellowship groups were established, as were Bible studies. Apostolic oversight at that time was under Pastor Mark Crawford.

Administrative oversight of the church group is conducted by a business council (board of management) and, as Cornerstone is an incorporated body, financial audits are undertaken each year.

For quite a few years the church had an outreach to Hillwood. It has for many years ministered twice a month at Ainslie Nursing Home (Southern Cross Care) at Low Head. Members of the group have also ministered in a breakfast club at a local school, and provided mentoring for disadvantaged students. An Art and Crafts group regularly meets too, and a menís group has just been started.

In 2008 James Cloudsdale became pastor at Cornerstone and, with his wife Christine, have been serving in this capacity ever since.

In 2014 the church was led to extend its building and was graciously offered a double terrapin (two adjoined demountable buildings) from St Patricks Primary school, Latrobe. There was a gift of voluntary labour from Shane Goelst, Kevin Walters and Wes Jordan, each of whom have had much experience in the building industry. A year later the original kindergarten building had expanded three fold, and was officially opened by Pastor Peter Vacca, the founding apostle of Bethesda Ministries International.

The Gift of this building extension facilitates opportunities for wide range of meetings and functions and encourages church growth. We welcomes both local residents and tourists alike to attend its services.

The church has a missions focus Ė supporting three overseas missions. It also serves in the community through ministry to the aged, school mentoring, chaplaincy support, seafarerís missions support, and childrenís ministry.



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